The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court
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Divorce is becoming a public health crisis.
Children are our greatest resource yet they are most vulnerable to civil rights violations imposed by separating and divorcing parents.

The mission of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts:

To act as a referral service in assisting separating/divorcing couples to navigate the legal channels of the divorce process through therapeutic mediation, psychotherapy, non litigation and congenial legal services.

When couples and families are engaged in high conflict disputes; we offer forensic counseling, guidance, informational services and referral to ethical, legal and therapeutic resources.

Case evaluation is obtainable to assess whether or not there has been any violation of civil rights, ethical violations on the part of evaluators, Guardian ad litem, Judges, Prosecutors, or Attorneys.

Children are defined as Human Beings under the Bill of Rights and therefore have a right to legal recourse or remedies as prescribed under the law and to compensation for injury.

The Foundation will access in a fair and unbiased manner, whether a child’s rights to be seen, heard, believed and protected have been compromised in any way.

The Foundation will confront and remediate violations of a parent’s or children’s civil rights at the hands of the Family courts and correct any action taken by the court which has resulted in injurious situations, mistakes or violations.

Part of our mission is to assist the parties whose rights have been violated in order to take legal action. We will provide attentive guidance in holding the courts accountable and to remediate wrongful actions taken by the courts through assistance in the filing of criminal and civil litigation.

The Foundation is an organization composed of an association of Attorneys, paralegals, psychotherapists, forensic counselors and pediatricians throughout the 50 states who are dedicated to the preservation of the rule of law under the constitution and who disapprove of the abuses of power forced by family court systems across the country.

Professionals affiliated with The Foundation are individuals whom due to their competence, ethics, and their respect for the constitution and rule of law, are fearless in confronting infractions by the courts.

• Any affiliate of the court who may evaluate, supervise visits, or are appointed guardians; who do not conform to the ethics and standards of care that protect children and those who truly love them, will be challenged.

• Any affiliate of the court who wish to transfer children from the custody of their protective parents into the hands of those who abuse, will be challenged and legal remedy will be sought on their behalf.

Jill Jones-Soderman is the Executive Director of the Foundation